Prayer Vigil Information

Living Faith Uniting Church
24 Hour Prayer Vigil

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Here are some suggestions on how you may like to spend your allotted hour with
God. Feel free to follow these guidelines or to pray as you feel lead by the Holy Spirit.

Why are we having a 24-Hour Prayer Vigil?

 As a church community, we are seeking to deepen our relationship with God
 In light of the pandemic, we want to re-discover God’s future direction for our church
 We desire for our will to be in alignment with God’s will
 We want to see God’s power at work among us in response to our prayers

What do you pray for?
 Begin with a time of confession so that nothing hinders your ability to hear God
 Pray for God to reveal His future plans for our church
 Pray for God to provide the resources needed to fulfill His vision for us
 Pray for the courage to embrace any new ministries He has in mind for us
 Pray for our willingness to let go of any ministries no longer serving God’s purpose
 Pray that God will use us to reach those who need to experience His love and
salvation in their lives

Your Prayer Vigil could include:
 Reading the Bible
 Singing or listening to songs of praise and worship
 Journaling
 Meditating/ quiet listening
 Reflecting on the qualities of God
 Asking God to reveal His heart to you
 Asking God to reveal your part in His plan

Prayer is a two-way conversation and as you commune with Jesus, He will
commune with you, particularly through Scripture. Take time to listen to what you
believe God may be saying to you and perhaps jot down your thoughts. Feel free
to share with Iris or Norelle any ideas, Bible readings, thoughts or stories that
may come to mind during your hour of prayer. In this way, we may be able to
identify some themes of what God is saying to us corporately.

Thank you for your participation in this exciting and vital event.

Rev Iris Marais 0432067227

Norelle Deeth

Operation Christmas Child

Please fill your shoe box with delights for a little girl or boy. Bring the enclosed shoe box to Living Faith Uniting Church on Sunday 18 October 2020 and hand it directly to Robin Harris in the parking lot. For more information, please contact Robin on 0418 193 548 or


Friends, we are writing to notify you of a few fun church activities we are working on. We have a wonderful Coffee Lounge onsite at church and would like to convert that to an online “Coffee Lounge Ministry” for the time being.

What does this mean?

There will be various opportunities for us to connect online with each other over a nice cuppa, and for those with a sweet tooth, feel free to bring along a yummy too!

You can meet Iris, your friends, your small group or anyone related to Living Faith Uniting Church in our Online Coffee Lounge. We have listed below some initial upcoming events we would love you to partake in.

How do you do this?

Simply contact Rev Iris to discuss your interest or 0432 067 227

ONLINE COFFEE LOUNGE PRAYER MEETING        Every Second and Fourth Thursday of the Month
7PM - 8PM    Next Meeting 12 November at 7PM

Let’s join together as a church community for a time of prayer. We will come before God with our prayers of gratitude, our personal requests and our prayers for others. Grab a cuppa and get in a comfy chair – we’d love to have you onboard.

If you would like some one-on-one time with Iris to chat through anything at all, please get in touch and we’ll set up an online meeting time in our virtual “Coffee Lounge”. Iris is available for pastoral or spiritual care, prayer or general sharing. To make an appointment email or 0432 067 227

SMALL GROUP MEETINGS         At a time suitable for your group
Your Living Faith Uniting Church small group can have some time of sharing together through an online meeting. It’s as easy as a click away. Group leaders please get in touch with Iris who will set up the meeting at a suitable time for your group, email each person the link to click, and away you go. Don’t forget to have your warm cuppa handy.

Contact Iris to organise Small Group meetings


Please contact Richard on

Become a Member of Living Faith Uniting Church

Become a member

Whether you have attended Living Faith Uniting Church for a short or long time, we would love to welcome you as a member. We have a course to assist you. We'll celebrate the milestone together with you! To start your journey to membership click here: Foundations to Christianity Course

For more information contact Rev. Iris or 0423 067 227

Fellowship Group Exploring The History of Christianity

Do you have an interest in the foundations and history of Christianity? If yes, this group is for you! We explore the great theologians and courageous Christians who risked their lives to spread the Word of God.

When: Every 1st; 3rd and 5th Tuesday
Where: Living Faith UC Church Boardroom
Time: 7pm
Contact: Jim Uhlmann 0438 220 971

Training/Meeting Room Available for Rent

Training/Meeting Room Available for Rent

Available Now: Living Faith Uniting Church is offering a training / meeting room for rental. The spacious and conveniently-located facility is ideal for groups of up to 20 - 50 people and includes a kitchenette and onsite parking.

Should you or your organization be interested in renting a professional meeting room on the South-side of Brisbane, please contact:
Rev Iris Marais on or 0432 067 227

Healing and Wholeness Course

When last did you give yourself time to explore the ways that God wants to heal the various areas of your life?

The Healing and Wholeness Course has been run across churches in different continents. It provides life transforming avenues to access Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Relational and Physical healing. Furthermore, the teachings equip individuals and churches with the necessary skills to set up and participate in powerful healing ministries to others.
Rev Costa Stathakis has over 45 years ministry experience in this area and looks forward to leading us to a deeper place of healing and wholeness in all areas of our lives.

~Mind (Emotions)

Lead by: Rev. Costa Stathakis
When: 2020
Where: Living Faith Uniting Church

Thoughts in Bereavement

A Journey Through the Pain of Loss

The pathway through grief can be wrought with emotional roller-coaster experiences and persistent grief that can endure for years. If you have been through the loss of a loved one, this gentle journey will provide a soothing balm for your soul. Marge Stathakis, a leading Grief Counsellor, will assist participants through the stages of bereavement. Her Christian faith and vast experience form the basis to her teachings, as she works to bring about healing for those who mourn.

When: 2020
Where: Living Faith Uniting Church

For further information:
Tel: 3343 1019
Email: or

Trash to Treasure Fundraiser

Do you have items in your house to sell?
Help the church to raise funds!

What must you do?
Send photo/s of the item, a detailed description and collection address to:

Contact: Su Fonseka

You choose the percentage amount that the church gets:
50% minimum of the sale :)